Grasslands are wide open spaces, full of possibilities. This expansiveness affords perfect clarity. An unfettered view. From this sweet, grounded space of full understanding we can move forward with ease and confidence. My goal is to help you realize this expansive clarity, this liberated and luminous inner landscape. The Grassland Sessions are about expansion, ease, and clarity. 



S O U L  S E S S I O N S

Soul Sessions offer a fresh perspective; a topographical map of our lives seen from the viewpoint of our higher self. Soul Sessions help us realign our internal compass so we can follow our authentic path, and upgrade our energy frequency and capacity for receiving abundance. 


Akashic Records offer the most accurate, honest, and loving advice we could ever ask for. There is never anything to fear. It's not an earthquake to shake your life up. It’s a heart-to-heart talk with your wisest and dearest friend. The insights are never harsh or scary. They always meet you where you’re at, and they don’t try to rush you.


Akashic insights can be transformative, which is why a bespoke flower essence is included with each session. Bespoke flower essences act as a further clarifying agent, helping to dissolve any obstacles from within our beings. Flower essences help create spaciousness within, allowing us to safely dissolve obsctructive patterns and dismiss stale beliefs. 



S O M A T I C  S E S S I O N S


Through my 25 years of experience as an esthetician & massage therapist, I’ve realized that what I sense beneath my fingers is a vast network of energy. I can feel the energetic topography of a body like a map; areas of ease, tension, and stagnation. Bringing spacious ease and flow to these somatic signposts is the focus of my work.


Our skin is an organ of expression, communication, and detoxification. Skin is an emotional sponge which benefits deeply from regular clearing. Skin Sessions are hands-on treatments with the intention of fostering ease, liberation, and clarity. 


Somatic Sessions help to lighten our emotional & energetic load. Sessions for the face integrate lymphatic drainage, fascia restructuring, grounding reiki, cell energizing microcurrent, and healing infrared phototherapy. Sessions for the body integrate myofascial release, vacuum-assisted lymphatic drainage, grounding reiki, dry brushing, and a hydrating mineral cocoon wrap. 


This synergy of intelligent hands and modern tools is able to reach the deepest layers of skin, resolving areas of fascia tension, lymphatic stagnation, energetic deficit, and emotional constriction.