Self care is an act of love, a benediction. Taking good care of oneself should not be equated with excess. Self care is not indulgent. It's not something to feel ashamed of. It's a celebration of life, bearing witness, holding space. I'm talking real self care, not capitalist, commodified self care. Self care is not avoidant, it's ownership and responsibility. Self care is participation and above all, love and acceptance.
To make real, lasting change in our skin, we need to look closely at our lives as a whole. The real transformation comes from learning to listen to our bodies, and changing our daily habits. Our bodies are like our children. They need our care, and they deserve our loving attention. Being tuned in to, and receptive of, your body's needs will reward you with vibrant health and a greater depth of self confidence.
 If I could recommend one product to you- I wouldn't. I would recommend a good night's sleep, a 10 minute meditation, and a big glass of water. Some of my favorite self care practices are tidying up my home, making plant-forward meals, creating art, dancing, and spending time outdoors with my bare feet on the ground.