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Honey Dew is a glorious, potent firming potion made with fresh citrus, cucumber, tremella mushroom, wild raw honey, and gorgeous prickly pear oil. I watched a video of how Honey Dew Youth Nectar is made, and it involves literal juicing of fresh citrus and cucumbers. It's so dreamy. Honey Dew locks in moisture, noticeably firms, tightens and strengthens the skin. Texturally, it's a sort of serum/cream hybrid, with tons of hydrating prowess. I love to mix Honey Dew with a few drops of Electric Sky for an enlivening, illuminating moisture cocktail.


sun damage, aging skin, pigment imbalance, hormone imbalance, dull skin, menopausal skin, dehydrated skin, skin laxity


1 / Activate your natural moisture barrier to restore a balanced, resilient skin tone
Place a small amount of Honey Dew on your fingertips and apply to the face and neck area with light tapping motions. Begin at the forehead and follow the bone structure around the eyes, cheek bones, nose and chin line, finishing at the neck and chest. This lovely tapping motion enhances the performance of your serum and drives the concentrated, vital ingredients deep into the layers of the skin.

2 / Firm the skin's natural contours to define facial structure
Complete the application with a light sweeping, upward motion, as if you are removing dust from your face, to aid in the definition of bone structure. As Honey Dew combines with your own precious skin oils, your face will look smooth and moist, like a flower in morning sunlight.


I love to mix three drops of Electric Sky with a pea-sized amount of Honey Dew Youth Nectar for a bespoke oxygenating & illuminating age support emulsion. 

    Spring water. Freshly juiced cucumber*, grapefruit*, lime*, potato*. Aloe vera juice*, xanthan gum, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol, wild raw honey, olive oil*, prickly pear oil*, vegetable glycerin*, tremella mushroom extract, lecithin*, vitamin E T-50, CO2 calendula extract*. Juniper berry EO, frankincense attar, amber attar, myrrh attar.

    *organic **wildcrafted