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If I had to choose only one mask, it would be this Replenishing Moor Mask. Nothing else makes my skin glow like a bioluminescent jellyfish. Nothing else makes my skin feel so smooth and snatched, refined and revitalized. Replenishing Moor Mask rich in humic acid, which is detoxifying, circulation boosting, pore refining, and gently resurfacing. This is the one, y'all!


dull skin, aging skin, dry skin, sun damage, slow healing, skin laxity, pore congestion, pigment imbalance, oily skin, menopausal skin, hormone imbalance, pigment imbalance, cystic acne, breakout prone skin, combination skin


Prep the skin with your favorite cleanser and toner, then apply a few drops of Moringa Hydrate or Balance Elixir. With clean fingers or a mask brush, apply a thin layer of Replenishing Moor Mask, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse well and remove residue with a cool, damp washcloth. A bit of skin redness is normal after removal. One of my favorite benefits of Replenishing Moor Mask is that it stimulates circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin from within.


This mask is potent and efficient. It really does work beautifully in only 5 minutes. Leaving Replenishing Moor Mask on for longer (up to 10 minutes) is okay for seasoned pros, but not for beginners. Applying several drops of Moringa Elixir prior to Moor Mask is an absolute necessity to avoid overstimulating the skin. Trust me, you will love this mask, but it must be used wisely. If you don't apply Replenishing Moor Mask as directed, or leave it on for too long, it can feel really prickly on the skin, and cause lingering redness that feels irritated instead of rejuvenated.


100% pure Austrian Moor Peet (Helimoor Clay), Aqua.