Before we jump in to our intuitively channeled conversation, I have to tell you that Danielle saved my life when we met. She is an intuitive healer, and one of my facial clients (thank you Pamela) recommended her to me. She helped me work through some major trauma, with remarkable generosity and humor. Afterwards she told me we were going to be good friends, and asked me to have breakfast with her. She is beyond amazing, and I love her dearly. In our channeled conversation below, she provides some intuitively guided springtime wisdom for us.


Ally: So my goal is to talk about self care, with a focus on springtime, and what we can do to be present in the season.

Danielle: When you, or anyone, asks a question, I see a rose that represents the topic at hand. When you set the intention of spring, I'm seeing a very beautiful rose. It's a pristine, soft peach color, and it looks like you. it's soft. I've never really seen you as soft, but this is the intention of what you're doing with your work, and for the love behind it. When you set the intention for spring, I see that the rose petals haven't fully opened yet, but the stem is such a beautiful, vibrant, calming green. It's so healthy, it's grounded and clean and supportive. It's one of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen. 

The people who are drawn to your work are subconsciously drawn to more than skin care. They are drawn to a very powerful healer. I've known you for a long time, and more recently I've been seeing in our work together that you're so much more of a healer than you've ever really wrapped your mind around or admitted to yourself. You're starting to come out to yourself as a healer, to bloom. You are going through a rebirth, a renaissance. Something that your readers need to understand is that they, too, are healers. The job of a healer is not to be a super ego, you are the least egotistical person I know. It's just about allowing this energy to flow. 

When people download your products, when they pass through your hands, there is a very potent healing spiritual tonic that flows through you. It's not about Ally the ego, Ally the personality, it's not a performance. It's about the energy. It's a spiritual, or creative, elixir. When people receive it and use their hands to open it, they are receiving an affirmation of their own ability to conjure their own particular elixirs- whatever life passion they are here to pursue. You're activating them on a spiritual level. You are a witch.

We hear the cliché that beauty is from within, but it's so much more than that. It's about connecting with the elements of the earth. It's about ritual, and tuning in to the seasons and nature in order to tune in deeply with ourselves that's where the magic happens. That is where beauty really shines through. It's an inside job. The message is that spring is a time of renewal, most of you, by now, have already purged a lot by now. Late winter is when we really start the purging, we just naturally want to energetically scrub off the dregs of winter. So when spring arrives, you're ready to receive the new.

The most important thing you can do for spring is tune in to your spirit and learn new things about yourself. Take deep inventory of what you want to let go of, and what you want to call in, and what you want to affirm about yourself that is already f**ing amazing. It's one thing to hear the cliche of cleansing negative thinking and bringing in affirmations, but it's another thing to really sit down and do it. 

I'm seeing journaling, I'm seeing getting a fresh beautiful new calendar. I see using your hands as much as possible. Particularly the people who are drawn to Ally's work. If you're drawn to Ally's work, you are also an equally powerful healer. As healers, it's what we do, we empower each other to awaken to our own healing abilities. So it's time to wake up to your amazing gifts. 

Ally: I think of winter as a time for shedding, for composting your bullsh*t. When you're shedding, nothing is ever gone, but we can use that "stuff" as fertilizer for growth. In spring we start to use that compost as nutrition to fuel our growth, into unfurling and blossoming, and new ways of going through the world, and believing in ourselves, knowing our worth.  

Danielle: As you were talking I was seeing the process of trees losing their leaves in winter, and seeing the very beginning of spring, which we are in today, and that very first pop of color that comes out. That's what real beauty looks like.

I gave a long winded answer to your question, so I was guided to make a very concrete answer. That is to make ritual. Whatever that is for you. I was specifically hearing "plant seeds". Have a ritual around it- a focused, intentional, quiet commune with spirit and nature, and ideally an amazing girlfriend, like the one I'm sitting with. 

Ally: Yes! Good friends are an elixir. So what are some of your favorite springtime rituals? Just getting out in nature?

Danielle: I love casting a circle. I love facing the four directions, inviting spirit, and creating that sacred space and asking spirit for what I truly need. There's something about being inside that sacred space that is so powerful. When I was in my early twenties I was living in San Francisco and I was working all these service jobs, and it was fun for like a second, but I didn't feel fulfilled. 

I went to this ritual with a bunch of wise hippie witches in the mountains of Santa Cruz and it was Beltane. Everyone was going around asking for what they wanted this year, and when it came to me I asked for work that I love. I have always been blessed with an abundance of work that I love, and I consider myself to be extremely blessed. But I know that ritual set me up for life. I can pin it down to the minute. Rituals work. Especially if you can sit with some friends, at this time in the world connection is a very necessary tool. Of course solitary rituals are wonderful, too.

Ally: Yes, we have to keep in mind that we're not the only ones in our community that need this work. Including people not only makes it more powerful, but we all really need it. I'm thinking of the art class I took that made me a much better artist when I showed up for it. Something about being in community and having intention can make ritual way more powerful. 

Danielle: That's actually the answer to the question. The ritual can be a class, anything that is somewhat organized.

Ally: I think Danielle should teach it! I want to take Danielle's class! Do you want to describe more in depth how to cast a circle?

Danielle: Yes! When I lived in San Francisco I belonged to a community called Reclaiming. It was like witchcraft HQ. I would not call myself a witch per se, maybe witchcraft lite, but I was taught how to properly do a ritual. Basically you align with the seasons, what's happening in nature, and you synchronize with the moon cycle. Rituals synchronized with the full moon are intended for purging. Rituals synchronized with the new moon are intended for manifesting.

The practice is to ground yourself (you can look up a grounding meditation), then face the four directions, and call in the associated elements- north is earth, east is air, south is fire, west is water. When you call in each direction & element, describe what you know about it. Start by physically facing north, hold out your hand to the north in greeting, and call in element of earth. When I'm calling in north I say "I call upon the watchtowers of the north, element earth, energies of home, safety, nurturing, abundance. Welcome". Then turn clockwise, keeping your hand up in greeting, to face east and call in the east, element air, energies of spirituality, wisdom, truth, lightness. Then turn clockwise to face the south, keeping your hand up in greeting, and greet the south, element fire, energies of transformation, destruction, passion, love. Then turn to the west, keeping your hand up in greeting, and greet the west, element water, energies of healing, intuition, creation, dreams, rebirth. Then continue with your hand up to complete the circle, back to the north. Then with your hand up to the ceiling or sky- welcome good spirits of above, then with your hand facing the the floor or earth- welcome good spirits of below, because the shadow teaches us, too. Then welcome in center, with your hand facing the center of circle.

The circle is officially cast as soon as you welcome the center. Welcome in any guides, plants, gods and goddesses, whoever you want to include. If you need to leave the circle for some reason, imagine you're in a tent, and unzip it like a tent and zip it up when you are back inside. Once the circle is cast, you can speak your needs- you can either purge or manifest. Verbiage is very important- if you're purging, keep the verbiage negative- keep it about what you want to get rid of, experience less of, etc. If you are manifesting keep the verbiage positive- keep it about what you want to call in, what you want to experience more of. If you're saying I don't want, and it's a full moon, you're purging. If you are saying I do want, and it's a new moon, then you're manifesting. This is magic. Words matter.

I got a whole house through ritual. I was struggling to find a home for the longest time. Going from house to house, really struggling. We were living with my in-laws, and it was not fun. I was at the point of despair. I had a ritual with some very close girlfriends, and I was like "I want a home" and I'm not kidding, one week later my parents called with this mysterious tone in their voice. They sat down and told us they were sick of watching us struggle and they were cashing out our inheritance to help us buy a home. My parents are not wealthy people. I am still shocked. We never in a million years thought we would own a home. 

Ally: I conquered an eating disorder through ritual. It was my first ritual. I started reading this book called "Witch in the Bedroom". I'm not sure why I gravitated towards that title, I think just because it said witch in the title. It talked me through how to cast a ritual. Before the ritual I had been really successful at avoiding what was happening, and afterwards I could clearly see what was happening. The ritual really helped me get through it quickly, it catapulted me past the eating disorder. It was so fast. It was kind of shocking.

Danielle: That is so helpful for me to hear, because I'm about to confront something dark that I've been trying to move past for so long. I'm very grateful for you.

Ally: Now you can see the path, and it's doable. You can do it. It can feel scary for change to happen quickly, but it doesn't have to be scary. It can be really easy and safe and supported.

Danielle: A super important aspect of self care in 2024 is f*ck that shit. We don't need to be told how to look. We are so much more than the right skin cream. It's empowering to take care of ourselves and have beautiful skin, but it's also an act of self love to define for ourselves who we want to be and to embrace the good and the bad, to embrace the shadows. Do the shadow work- own your shadow and love it just as much as the rest of you. We're here to love our essence, which is eternal.

Ally: I think a big part of shadow work is helping your shadow feel safe. I want to say that beauty is really fraught. The reason, I think, is because it makes us feel not safe to be beautiful, or to be not beautiful. Either way it feels unsafe. Being beautiful comes with a lot of pressure, and to feel like you are not beautiful also comes with pressure. Either way it impacts your safety on a foundational level.

It's so essential to let yourself BE beautiful, because no matter what, you are beautiful. It doesn't matter if you feel beautiful or not. Every person is absolutely stunningly perfectly angelically incandescently beautiful. You are beautiful, and it is safe. You have to nourish that feeling of safety. I have an affirmation that I say every day, and part of it is "it is safe for me to embrace my beauty" and then I say "I am beautiful" three times in a row, and I mean it. Part of it is talking to my shadow, the part of me that feels unbeautiful and unworthy and judged. It's important to say that you are beautiful, and to tend and nourish your beauty.

Danielle: I am seeing the part of you that was hurt. I just want to hug the crap out of her. I wish I could go back in time and be there for her. That's what happens when I give readings, I see the person as a child, when they first realized the reality of this plane. It's a tough place. I channel a lot of mom energy. I sit with that child and give them what they needed, and hold space for them.

Ally: That's why I got into skin care. That's why I make skin care instead of ceramics or whatever other magic I could be making with my hands. That's exactly what I'm doing here. I make skin care because it can be really foundational nourishment for our shadow selves, our selves that don't feel safe in the world and that don't feel loved or enough. It's my way of saying I love you and you are beautiful.

Danielle: So I'm going to tune in intuitively for everyone is reading this. I am seeing someone with very purple energy. I bet you know who you are. If it resonates with you that you might be a healer (and yeah the word healer might not be perfect, but you know what I mean) it's time to wake up and own it. Stop denying it. You can be scared, that's okay. We're here for you, and there are other people that can help you, and connection is key. Seek it out. I know many of you are introverted, but you need connection and there are ways to do it that will feel really nourishing for you.

Ally: Let me just tell you my introvert hack. One of my affirmation that I chant to myself when I'm out in the world is "I'm grounded and connected to the earth and I am safe wherever I go". You can be safe in community, with your people. No matter where you go, you can be safe, and you can choose to be safe.

Danielle: There is much beauty waiting to come through with this particular crowd who is reading this. Don't be scared, let it through. Take the leap. Now is the time. I see a vision of us all holding hands and jumping into the ocean.


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